Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Work In Progress

All the tools I'll need to do a decent job of woodworking is in this picture. They are stored in this giant tool box I had frankensteined together. It's not a pretty visual, but in a two hundred square foot room, it's poetry. Sometimes, I feel I could work with a whole lot less tools, and other times, more would be nice. There are more an than tools in this cabinet, there are the not so glamorous accessories equally important in woodworking. These are assortments of sharpening stones, glue, screws, measuring, marking devices, jigs, clamps, wood finishes, waxes, applicators and reference books. The key to building efficiently is that you should be able to get to these things you quickly, so a loose organization system is very important. By loose, I mean I know where they are and that's pretty much it. I am by no means an organized person. I really don't believe in spending my time cleaning when I could use it to make a mess and build something. When doors to my tool box are closed, the cabinet looks like a bunch of mixed match boxes set on top of each other. As my wood working skills develop, this tool box will change to suit my needs. Right now it is unrefined and a little sloppy looking, but it's okay because it's a work in progress.

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